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French gite: exterior

French gite: interior

French gite: exterior

A rural setting, excellent value for money, and a tradition of hospitality all await you at the French country properties known as gîtes (rhymes with "sheets," with the "g" like the "s" in "treasure"). Meeting set standards and established in France for many years now, gîtes are a popular and inexpensive way to enjoy the pleasures of country life. They are found in rural areas all over France, on working farms or vineyards or in open countryside, and sometimes in villages. (Gîtes are not available in cities, towns or coastal resorts.) Each property is rated from one to three stars by the national association of gîtes.

Describe your dream cottage and it can probably be found! We offer gîtes in literally every part of France. They come in all shapes and sizes, reflecting the diversity of France's rural regions. Picture the mellow stone walls of Provence, the traditional slate roofs of Brittany, or the "medieval" turrets of the Dordogne. Most properties are older (although modern gîtes do exist). In a typical setting, you mightfind two or three attached cottages across a courtyard from the owner's farmhouse. You can also find anything from converted water-mills to village houses to apartments in a chateau. A rental car is essential in most cases. The owners usually live close by and are available to welcome and assist you during your stay.

Gîtes range from simple cottages to relatively luxurious villas with pools. We specialize in 3-star and selected 2-star properties. Most offer 1-3 bedrooms, but larger properties with 6 or more bedrooms do exist. Some studios and apartments in cottages and country houses are also available. The typical gîte includes bedroom(s), bathroom(s), living room, dining area and fully equipped kitchen. Bedrooms tend to be small by American standards. Interiors range from plain farm furnishings to the comfortable and tasteful, sometimes featuring antiques. Nowadays, many gîtes offer amenities such as color TV, dishwasher, washing machine, and occasionally a telephone or microwave. Fireplaces are a common feature, and you will almost always find a garden or terrace or an outdoor dining area.


Gîtes represent excellent value for money. Rates begin at about $450 / week and go up to about $2000 / week. Between $600 - $900 / week is most typical. Even 3-4 bedroom gîtes rarely exceed $1000 / week. Rates increase with amenities (a pool, for instance) or if the location is especially prized. The most popular regions (Provence, the inland Riviera, the Dordogne, Brittany, or the Loire) are likely to be slightly more expensive than other areas. Off-season rates may be availabe on request.

Locations number in the thousands, so we do not send out individual listings, but respond to your requests. Please specify the district(s) that interest you, your price range, and the size of property you need.

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One-week minimum stay (Sat. - Sat.). Maid service is sometimes but not usually available. A minimum level of basic utilities is included, with additional charges for usage beyond the minimum and for heat. Linen and towels are usually available for an extra charge.

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