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Scotland Castle

Scotland Castle


Scotland Castle

Scotland Castle

Scotland is home to many castles and manor houses, of which Balmoral-the Scottish home of the royal family-is one of the most famous. These historic homes were typically built on high points of land, for protection throughout Scotland's often turbulent history. Today, the stalwart stone castles and rambling manor houses command panoramic views of a more peaceful, yet still rugged landscape of mountains, glens, and lochs.

Large areas of Scotland preserve the natural environment along with many native species, including red deer and golden eagles. In fact, Scotland's country houses can offer a luxurious base for holidays spent in the outdoors-a day of hiking or photography, followed by an evening in front of a baronial fireside or in a cozy library. Depending on your location, you might also enjoy a round of golf at St. Andrews or winter skiing in the Highlands, tour the famous distilleries along the Whisky Trail, or shop for traditional tartans and cashmeres.

In Scotland, we are pleased to offer some of the best luxury manor houses and castles available in all of Britain. We offer a wide range of properties in both the Highlands and the Lowlands, including a few homes with special features such as access to a private loch or a private stretch of river. Your choices include a beautifully restored 16th-century castle; elegant Victorian manor houses; and a hunting lodge originally built for a Scottish clan chief, with a walled garden, at the edge of a remote and serene loch.

Scotland's manor houses are comfortably (and sometimes exquisitely) furnished and decorated in keeping with the historic character of the property-often with antiques, well-chosen paintings, and heirlooms unique to that home. Many of these upscale houses offer private staff; hunting or fishing trips can often be arranged locally.

This is only an introduction to our luxury properties in Scotland. Please contact us for flyers describing individual homes .

Houses range from 3-6 or more bedrooms, 3 or more bathrooms, living room, dining area or dining room, fully equipped kitchen, and sometimes other living spaces such as a large entrance hall or a library. Furnishings and decor vary according to the individual owners; many homes are equipped with dishwasher, washing machine, and other amenities.

The best of the Scottish countryside, both Highlands and Lowlands-castles, manor houses, and luxurious hunting lodges, in locations that are sometimes remote but always civilized.


PEAK RATES & SERVICES     July - August
3 Bedroom House (for 6) From $1750/week
4 Bedroom House (for 8)    From $2250/week
5 Bedroom House (for 10)  From $2950/week
6 Bedroom House (for 12) From $3750/week  

Reduced off-season rates available. Refundable security deposit required.
Larger properties on request.


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