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Ireland (112) West of Ireland (83) Galway (23)
Co.Galway:Nr Loughrea ; 40 miles from Shannon
Castle Lough
sleeps up to: 14
Aerial View
Aerial View
Drawing room
Drawing room
In the rolling green hills near Galway in the West of Ireland lies Lough Castle, one of Irelandís truly great secret treasures and a distinction of itself.
Lough Castle has stood on these lands for over 800 years. Originally built as an outpost fortification in the 12th century, the castle was last inhabited in the 15th century, by a son of the Earl of Ulster, a member of one of the most ancient and influential families in Irish history .
For centuries the castle stood derelict and consequently suffered the ravages of time and deteriorated into a ruined state, until acquired by the current owners in 1973. A meticulous and historically accurate restoration programme was commenced in 1974 and was completed in 1979. Lough Castle was bought back to life between 1980 and 1996. During this time many guests and tourists have rented this wonderful castle.

However, once again the owners decided to extend Lough Castle. In December of 1996 further restoration began, 6,000 sq. ft was added to the original building. January 1999 saw the completion of one of Irelands most desirable and tranquil destinations. The result is that Lough Castle returned to its former glory and it is now regarded as one of Ireland's major historical monuments of the Norman Period. Indeed, the excellent workmanship and first class attention to historical and constructional detail have been widely acclaimed and publicised.

Lough Castle is now a unique destination providing an oasis of tranquillity and privacy. The Castle boasts an unusual blend of Old Norman personality and atmosphere, with the elegance and comforts expected by today's discerning guests.
A private avenue leads to a semicircular paved area and a tennis court which are outside the boundaries of the external fortification. The castle is fully spotlit, enabling its grandeur to be illuminated by night.
The castle is constructed of natural stone from the area which is predominately granite, with most of the walls standing 6ft in depth. Indeed much of the stone used for the restoration would have been used during the original construction of the castle. All the windows retain their traditional outline and design.
The internal construction of the castle is largely of exposed natural stone walls, wooded beamed ceiling and stone or wooden floors.

A winding 90-step stairway connects the various levels. Furthermore, in spite of the restriction of lighting imposed by the use of the traditional windows, the Castle is well lit by means of internal lighting systems.
The outstanding external characteristics of Lough Castle include the typical Norman features: Arched Doorways, Circular Turrets and Battlements particularly well defined in the uppermost viewing platform area.

Old traditions remain intact today. Stepping out onto the battlements one can understand the strategic importance of this site for the Normans. Spread before you are awe-inspiring views of the surrounding five counties and the Slieve Mountains. The battlements today are used for less sinister activities with space for 300 people for large open air barbecues or private dining al fresco.

Upper levels: Spacious drawing room. Seven double bedrooms, each individual in style, with three en suite. One bedroom features the original 800 year-old fireplace, with preserved Norman carvings. Additional bathroom. A winding 90-step stairway connects the various levels.

Not suitable for young children due to steep drops and stairways.
Banquet room
Banquet room
Lake side
Lake side
Sleeps up to   14
Bedrooms   7
Baths   4
typical pricing (per week)
January 22, 2008 September 29, 2008  $17140

Pricing for all other times of year on request. Prices are subject to change; call us to confirm current pricing.
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